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Madness Open Thread: Ducks vs. Miami of Ohio

Update [2007-3-17 1:25:17 by Dave]: It wasn't how we all wanted it, but a win is a win. Lets take it, move on, and get another one Sunday. Recap and more on Saturday morning.

1:40 PT, Spokane Arena, TV: CBS

Ended up not having to work today! Which makes up for not getting to watch a single game yesterday. And, as I said earlier, I'll be liveblogging SBN's coverage of the late games tonight.

However, the most important game takes place well before that. Miami will try to hold us under 70, but we know that they will not be successful. MVP and Mini-MVP will make sure everything is alright!

Register your thoughts, predictions, and reactions to the game here. And join me for discussion during the game.

Six wins to go! Let the Madness begin!