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SBN Hub Thread #2: The Late Games

We'll use this thread for the late games:

Kentucky vs. Villanova
Southern Illinois vs. Holy Cross
Southern Cal vs. Arkansas
Florida vs. Jackson State

Lets keep going:

7:09 Update from Swamp Ball: Keep an eye on Trey Johnson from Jackson State; He averages 27 a game(2nd in NCAA), he averages 38 minutes, and takes 36% of his teams' shots. That being said, this could turn out quite ugly quite quickly for the Tigers, as the Gators may not show any mercy.

7:10: I'll say it again: its a travesty that Arkansas is in this tournament. Meanwhile, Jackson State has an early two point lead on Florida.

7:12: USC is just jacking up a lot of bad jumpers. No aggression to the rim whatsoever. You have to wonder if their offense is still lying in a heap, beaten down by Ducks at the Staples Center.

7:17: CBS is showing a little tribute to Ryan Francis, the SC point guard who was slain in Baton Rouge this summer. Such a sad story, and its good to see that his family is coping well.

7:22: SC looks really sloppy, and can't even sem to hit a layup. They just got fouled so two free throws coming up. Arkansas up six. SC needs much better shot selection.

7:26: For all the crap I'm giving SC, its not like Arkansas is blowing anyone away. Surprisingly, Jackson State is hanging tough and is up on Florida by two, ten minutes into the game. Wonder what Swamp Ball is thinking right now? I still expect Florida to win handily.

7:29: Holy Cross/SIU in a snoozefest. 17-16 with six minutes in the half. Both teams seem content with a slow style. Florida finally takes the lead over Jackson State, but Jackson State just ties it up with a layin and gets fouled. Nova/Kentucky is tight, but I just can't get into those teams.

7:32: While we were taken away to other action, SC is now on a 10-0 run, and Pruitt gets a wide open layin on the inbounds play. Arkansas with th eoffensive foul, SC gets the ball back.

7:34 Update from Swamp Ball: Jackson State with an excellent effort early. They are playing very close to home in New Orleans and really have the crowd in it. They are controlling the pace and doing well on the offensive glass. Gators need to slow it down, continue to grind down low with Horford and Noah and start hitting their outside shots. Great effort by Jackson State so far, can't say enough about the way they've come out.

7:41: Love the colors in the key at the Spokane Arena. Wonder why they decided to paint it those colors? SC is starting to pound the ball inside to make up for their poor shooting. This was very successful the first two times they played Oregon this year. We'll see if it works here. Florida is starting to distance themselves from JSU, up eight.

7:45: SC is now starting to hit threes, and all the jumpers are going in. SC is also gettin out in transition and putting the game at their pace. Arkansas has turned it over two possessions in a row. SC up nine, and heading to the line for two.

7:48: Anyone getting SIU-Holy Cross or Kentucky-Villanova? Like to see more about what's going on there. SC now getting down the lane uncontested. If Arkansas cannot tighten up the defense and score a few buckets, SC is threatening to pull away.

7:51: A tradition unlike any other: watching another channel while CBS shows the Masters.

7:54: Nick Young is really playing well for SC. For those of you who haven't seen him this year, he can score from anywhere. Shoot the three, penetrate to the rim, shoot the mid range jumper, post up a smaller guard. He has 11 points and three boards for SC, and is also their primary ball handler. He's really playing well. SC up eleven with two and a half minutes to go.

8:00: Jackson State goes into the half down six. Sorry, Swamp Ball, but you know that we're all rooting for JSU.

8:02: The SC-Arkansas game has gotten really sloppy, and there have been only two points scored in the last five minutes or so. What's up with the big NCAA stickers in the jump circle of all the arenas? I think they look tacky.

8:07: SC goes into the half up eleven. We now go to Kentucky/Villanova, which seems to be a really back and forth game. Its a frantic pace right now, as each team is going back and forth bricking threes. Villanova finally drives to the hole and draws a foul. Kentucky up four.

8:11: Believe it: renting a car will get you chicks. At least thats what Enterprise would like to have you believe. Meanwhile, they're playing the Laettener highlight again. Teams like Duke don't deserve luck.

8:12: If the scores on top are right, SIU and Holy Cross have played the first four minutes of the second half without scoring. SIU finally got a free throw, Salukis up six, 31-25.

8:14 Update from Swamp Ball If Trey Johnson can get hot in the second half, and the Gators continue to miss threes (they're 1-13 right now) and free throws, this game could get very interesting-people could be talking about a 16 over a 1 for the first time ever. I'm still not expecting it, but you never know.

Yeah, its highly doubtful, but it'd be good for my Ducks.

8:17 USC needs to come out in the second half, and really work inside out. Pound down to Gibson a few times, then kick it out to Pruitt, Young, and Stewart for the threes. Keep the game at a running pace and shore up the rebounding, and SC should be extending the lead out of halftime. Its pretty clear to me that the Trojans have superior talent than the Razorbacks.

8:20 And the Gators came out killings JSU to extend the lead to double digits. Looks like the 16 over the one won't happen this year. Meanwhile, want to be a part of Big Brother 8? I know what you're thinking; I thought they stopped that show years ago.

8:29 SC comes out strong offensively. Inside to Gibson, Pruitt for a three, Gibson for a dunk. But Gibson gets a T for hanging on the rim, which is just a dumb thing to do. Free throws upcoming. Meanwhile, Florida is now blowing away Jackson State. Kentucky is up eight over Villanova, and SIU has extended their lead over Holy Cross to six. Notice how they never cut away to that game.

8:39 Is anyone in America getting the SIU/Holy Cross game? I've seen no updates, but judging from the score, it sounds like the most boring game ever. Kentucky is doing just enough to let Villanova hang around, and I think that Nova's going to go on a little run and get 'em. SC has started to pull away from Arkansas a bit, and Florida/JSU is all but over.

8:44 Update from Swamp Ball: I don't know the exact numbers, but Florida has to be on pace to score about 75 points in the second half. Perhaps when this is all said and done, the Gators should thank Jackson State for giving them a good workout in the first half and waking them up

8:48 Finally, an SIU/Holy Cross update that lasted about five seconds. SIU is now up ten.

8:54 Villanova has switched to a full court press. Reynolds is out of the game for Kentucky after taking a shot to the face. Villanova is getting open looks from three, but can't hit. Kentucky up six, two free throws coming up, 1:07 to go. Pending a miracle, its all over.

9:00 Starting to take a look at second round matchups. Wintrhop/Oregon should be a track meet. Kansas/Kentucky is intriguing, given the history, but KU should win that game. I think Nevada/Memphis will be a good game. And don't sleep on Michigan State. Tom Izzo's crew won't be afraid of UNC. Texas vs. USC should also be quite a treat, as it appears that SC has Arkansas well in hand.

9:06 The SIU-Holy Cross has now gone final, 61-51 SIU. All thats left is the SC-Arkansas game, and SC should win that one at this point. Man, what a disappointing year for upsets.

9:12 SC is up 18 with three minutes to go. We're going to call it a night and try to catch the rest of the Trail Blazer game. Good night, everybody.