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Madness Open Thread: Ducks vs. Winthrop

~11:50 PT, Spokane Arena, TV: CBS

Sorry, not really any time for a preview, but if you saw the Eagles beat Notre Dame, you know what we are in for. Don't be fooled by the #11 seed, Winthrop is the #22 team in the country, and they haven't lost since Jan. 2. If you need a preview, here is what has to offer. We know that they will run a style similar to ours, which plays in our favor. We also know that we won't shoot as poorly as we did on Friday. Lets go get 'em.




Update [2007-3-18 14:25:34 by Dave]: Just a reminder that yours truly will be a guest on SBN's radio program "SBN Sports Report." tonight at 5:00 PT. Check it out at this link.