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Thursday Quick Hits

Update [2007-3-22 18:47:39 by Dave]: Sorry for not posting a whole lot this week. Its been really busy. I'll put my UNLV preview up late tonight, so check it out before the game tomorrow Here are some articles about the Ducks floating around out there in cyberspace:

  • Interesting article from the Oregonian about the difficulties of shooting in a dome.  While its true that some teams have had difficulties in domes, it seems to be all mental.  And thd Ducks are in the right state of mind on the issue.
  • Sports Illustrated shows why it is a foregone conclusion that the Ducks will win the national championship.
  • Expect to seeErnie Kent chowing down popcorn before the game.
  • According to the Register-Guard, the Ducks' run is doing wonders for merchandise sales.
  • The reason I don't do a lot of these link dumps?  Bookmark the news page at  They do all the work for me.  The above links are not mentioned there, but a whole weeks worth of other stories are.
  • Remember, the Lady Ducks are playing Wyoming in the WNIT.  What, you didn't care, either?