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I just want to express how proud I am to be a Duck right now.  I know that we lost today, but we went out fighting until the very end.  I take pride in the fact that we gave the defending champs everything they wanted.  The game plan was perfect.  Horford and Noah didn't kill us.  If we shoot threes the way we normally do, we win that game.  But, until the end, the Ducks never gave up.  They played with pride and heart, and represented our great University well.  Hopefully, the football team was taking notes.

Its always hard when a fun season ends, but there is nothing to be disappointed about this year.  I'll have so many memories from this team:  TP getting 38 on PSU, the comeback at Rice, the win at Georgetown, MVP vs. UCLA and Arizona, the WSU comeback, dominating the Pac-10 tournament, and the elite eight run.  IMHO, this surpasses the 01-02 team as the greatest in school history, and is the most fun I have ever had watching a Duck team (and that includes the '94 and '01 football teams).  I also take solace in that TP, Bryce, Malik, Maarty, Champ, and Joevan will be back to make another run next year.  To Mr. Brooks:  Thank you so much, for everything.  Best of luck in the NBA next year.

Should we be sad that the season is ending?  Yes.  But should we be disappointed or angry? No.  This is a team that maximized its potential, and did it with class and integrity.  It was a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

On a personal note, I'll be gone for spring break until Thursday, although hopefully Nick will have something to report from his experience in St. Louis this weekend.  We will keep going all throughout the spring and summer, starting with a fresh set of posts when I get back on Friday.  Most important subject:  why the Ducks absolutely must bring back Ernie Kent. I was down on him after last year, but I have to believe that to let him go now would lead us toward a big letdown next year.  What more could he do?  He coached the hell of of the team this year, and has earned the right to be back.  More on that on Friday.

Take a couple of days to digest it.  And, remember, football is right around the corner.  Keep coming to the blog, we'll have lots o' Duck stuff all year round.

You should be very proud to be a Duck today.  I know I am.