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Thank You Seniors

Civil War and Senior Night.  All on one night.  I'm not going to do much of a game preview.  The Beavers aren't that good, although they played well last weekend.  Sasa Cuic is their best player, and Wesley Washington and Josh Tarver have been playing decently lately.  But they are a sloppy team, don't shoot the ball terribly well, and have a porous defense.  If the Ducks play the way they did last weekend, this should be a 10-15 point win.

However, I want to take some time to talk about the seniors.  It hasn't been the most successful group--as of yet they haven't even played an NCAA tournament game.  But I want to address on our three seniors.

To Aaron Brooks:  It has been up and down here.  Until this season, your legacy at Oregon was breaking your hand on the stachion and the unfortunate Appleby incident.  My, how you changed that.  In a situation where it would have been easy to give up and transfer to Seattle Pacific, you stuck it out.  Not only did you improve your game, but you improved as a person as well.  Your legacy at Oregon will be of clutch shots and tenacious d.  Thank you for working hard, you have made us all proud.

To Adam Zahn:  It probably didn't work out the way you wanted, but we thank you for your effort.  Some of the most important players are role players who know their role and give it 100%.  That is how I will remember you.

To Adrian Stelly:  You have the hardest job in all of sports.  Work your butt off in practice, but don't get to play a whole lot.  But that effort pushes everybody else and makes them better, as you should feel good about your contributions to this team.  My Civil War wish is that we blow out the Barkrodents and you get some play on senior night.  And maybe stroke a three or two.

Thanks to the seniors for all they have done here.  As alumni, may they continue to carry the banner of the University well.