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Friday Morning Roundup

  • Can't believe I missed this earlier, but SBN's general college football blog, Sunday Morning Quarterback, recently posted An absurdly premature assessment of the Duck football team.  Not a lot we don't know, but an interesting read nonetheless.  Especially if, like me, you have tried to forget that the football team even existed the last couple of months.  That being said, I am ready for September.  Each new season brings new hope.
  • Lots of news on the MVP front.  Aaron Brooks was in the Final Four three point shooting competition, was named a 3rd team AP All-American, and a Wooden All-American.  Nice job, MVP.  I can't see why people don't think he'll play in the NBA.  As many have aptly put it, he's TJ Ford with a jump shot.  He can shoot lights out, pass, create his own shot, and is a decent defensive player.  There is a spot for him in the League.
  • Lost in all of March Madness, Oregon's football team had their pro day earlier this month.  Not a lot to report.  Dante Rosario didn't do much.  JD Nelson and Enoka Lucas did better than their combine performances, and Jordan Kent is still too injured to do anything.  No other Ducks look to get drafted.
  • Random Thought:  I'm not much of a women's basketball fan, but what's going on here.  Ernie Kent took a program that was never in the tourney before he got here, and now gets them in on a semi-regular basis, and he's on the hot seat.  Bev Smith took a pernennial Pac-10 contender and a team that made the tourney almost every year under Jody Runge, and does abosolutely nothing year in and year out, yet you hear nothing about it.  I don't really watch the women, but their fan base and attendance is one of the better in the conference.  Lots o' hypocricy here.
  • The Toronto Raptors signed Luke Jackson to a 10-day contract.  We wish him the best.
  • If you're looking for track stuff, I don't really do track (or softball, for that matter).  But if you do, please post about it in the diaries, as I'm sure there are a lot of interested people out there.  We'll be doing a lot of football and basketball stuff all spring and summer long.