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Eight Reasons Ernie Should Stay

Ernie Kent must stay as head coach of the Oregon Ducks.  Yes, many people, including this blogger, were all over Ernie last offseason.  However, I must say that I have definitely changed my mind about Ernie for the following reasons:

  1. If we brought the guy back this year, then the expectation must be that with improved performance, he will remain on the job.  He has delivered on that expectation, and thus deserves to stay.
  2. Playing Ernie's style, this team reached the Elite Eight this season.  The only important cog to this team that they lose is Aaron Brooks.  And you have to figure that Malik Hairston will be improved and healthy next season, Champ will get out of his funk, and they have great talent coming in with Drew Viney and Kamyron Brown.  It will be a senior-laden team that has experienced success. Without Ernie, you have to figure on a big drop off next season.
  3. If Ernie moves elsewhere, do some of his players, namely Tajuan Porter, go with him?  I don't want that, do you?
  4. Believe it or not, he has been more successful than Mike Bellotti over the last five or six seasons.  Like him or not, Kent is the most successful coach in Oregon history, and maybe we should be cutting him a bit more of a break.
  5. IMHO, not getting Kevin Love is looking better and better.  He is more high maintenance than a Donald Trump trophy wife, and is a pompous a**hole to boot.
  6. Meanwhile, EK continues to bring in stellar talent, this time with Viney and Brown, two of the most highly rated recruits in California.
  7. He may not be known as an X's and O's guy, but he did a great job in the NCAA tourney.  And that Florida gameplan was perfect if someone other than MVP could've knocked down a three.
  8. If EK is let go after a season like this, Oregon will be seen as a job with Kentucky-esque expectations, but without the tradition, support, facilities, or resources.  No elite coach would touch that mess.
At any school, getting to the Elite Eight has to be enough to keep your job.  And I actually believe that Ernie has grown as a coach this year.  Let's hope that EK seizes this new opportunity and builds a consistent winner.  And I believe he can.  First step, hire a big man coach.  Lets salvage something out of Schafer and Platt.