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Ducks finish season strong

Well, the Ducks finished the regular season strong, sweeping through their Northwest rivals.  On Saturday, it was nice to be able to finally relax during a Pac-10 game.  As usual, I was only able to follow the game online, but it was stress free.  Since I didn't watch it live, I will leave the recap and in-depth analysis for Dave.  However, I do have a few thoughts.  First, it was nice to see Stelly and Zahn getting some playing time -- it's too bad Stelly couldn't score.  

As I am sure everyone knows, TP tied the Pac-10 record for threes made by a freshman.  Unfortunately, he was unable to break it, despite seeming to throw up a bunch of attempts at the end of the game.  He should break the record in the tournament, where the stats still count for the Pac-10 records.  

The Ducks finish tied for third in the conference, which is a great result, considering the depth and parity.  They enter the Pac-10 tournament as a 4th seed, and play Arizona on Thursday.  That ought to be a good game, given how competitive the first two meetings were.  I like how the Ducks match up with Arizona a lot more than they do with Stanford.  

The Ducks are now 16th in the AP and 18th in the Coach's poll.  Personally, I feel the Ducks have a 6th seed wrapped up with an outside shot at a 5th seed. With a win or two in the tournament, they may move up to a 4 or 5 seed.  So, bring on the Wildcats!

Go Ducks!