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Ducks blow out 'Cats, Bears up next

I didn't realize that the game was at noon, so I was frantically refreshing SI's box score at work.  Seemed like it was never terribly close.  Good win for the Ducks, and hot shooting by TP (again!).

Meanwhile, we draw Cal tomorrow.  I got home just in time to see the second half and overtime of their game against UCLA.  I am shocked that Cal won, but this tournament just got a lot more winnable.  Cal's had two games in two nights, with the second one being in OT in a physical game.  The Ducks are coming off a blowout.

Oh, and your Pac-10 player of the year, Mr. Afflalo, fouled out with three points.  How much you want to bet that if Brooks played for UCLA he'd have been the player of the year?

The player of the year doesn't score three points in a tournament game.

But thats neither here nor there.  The Bears have played well the last two games.  We clearly have more talent, but we have to play tight defense and hit shots to get into the championship game.

Now, lets just hope that the Cougs send the Huskies to the NIT with a win tonight.