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Hairston stays; Duncan leaves

In addition to the announcement of Kent's extension yesterday, there were a few other developments, according to today's Register-Guard.  First, Malik announced that he will be back for his final year.  Personally, I thought it was a pretty clear choice.  While he finished the year strong, he again had some injuries he battled through.  Hopefully, he'll have a strong, healthy season and provide a nice boost to his draft status next year.  

Assistant coach Scott Duncan has left to fill a similar position at UCLA.  Duncan has been with the Ducks for seven years, and is highly regarded as an assistant and recruiter -- something the Ducks could definitely use in the immediate future with the Oguchi transfer and a bunch of scholarships opening up after next year.  Duncan has known Howland for a while, and is quoted as saying that he hopes working at UCLA will lead to a head coaching opportunity in the near future.  I wish him well -- he's been involved with some very talented recruiting classes here at Oregon.