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Insight into next year's basketball schedule

Nice article from Andy Katz on ESPN regarding Oregon's difficulty getting marquee matchups and national TV games next season.  The article provides some insight into the non-conference schedule next season, and early returns aren't good:

Oregon will play at Kansas State in a scheduling agreement between the Pac-10 and Big 12. The game likely will be picked up by a regional carrier at the very least. Oregon's game at Nebraska probably won't get national play, according to Kent. The Ducks are tentatively scheduled to be in a doubleheader at the Palace of Auburn Hills against Oakland (a home game for Detroit natives Malik Hairston and Tajuan Porter), with the headline game being Texas-Michigan State. Kent said he doesn't expect the Oakland game to be on national TV. The Ducks will host a tourney at home with Pepperdine, Long Beach State and another squad, and they are still looking for an opponent for their Portland Jam event.

So, thus far, our BEST games are at Kansas State (decent, not great) and at Nebraska.  We go to Oakland for Malik and Tajuan's homecoming games, get Pepperdine and LBSU at home.  And beyond that, we have no idea.  Even who we're playing in the Pape Jam remains a mystery.

Expect two of those dates to be filled by Portland and Portland State, who we play perennially.  However, it has to be concerning that we don't have any non-conference games against NCAA tournament teams.  And no marquee opponent (again) for the Pape Jam.  Lets hope something falls into place, because next year's nonconference schedule is looking even worse than this year's was.