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NFL Draft Recap

The Ducks had three players drafted by NFL teams this year, all on the second day.  Dante Rosario was the first Duck taken, as the 18th pick of the fifth round by Carolina.  I was always a huge Rosario fan, and was disappointed at how under utilized he was during his last few years.  In the sixth round, both Matt Toeina (13th to Cincinatti) and Jordan Kent (36th to Seattle) were drafted. The Oregonian has an article up with quotes from all three players.  Kent seems really excited at the prospect of staying in the Northwest.  

The biggest Oregon surprise, to me, was that Enoka Lucas did not get drafted.  Prior to the draft, a few "experts" had him as potentially the only Duck getting drafted.  And, he seemed to be on Kiper's board of best players still available for the last half of Sunday -- not that anyone should listen (or does listen) to Kiper.  

On a positive note, it was fun watching Brady Quinn slide. Apparently, both he and Trent Edwards displayed some of their intangibles by how well they handled their draft slides -- by crying.