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Canzano clueless (again)

If you didn't read John Canzano's laughable column on Sunday, its worth a chuckle.  In this article, Canzano tries to make a point that Oregon and Oregon State will be viewed as "afraid" until they step up and play Portland State every year.  He even encourages the state legislature to require it.

Canzano, who is basically Portland's village idiot, shows what a clueless moron he is once again.  In case you don't remember the last two times we played Portland State, the combined scores of those games were 96-17.  I don't give a shit if they have Jerry Glanville.  The are a 1-AA also ran, plain and simple.  Oregon doesn't play PSU on a regular basis because they have nothing to gain by doing so.  Scheduling 1-AA games only fucks up good bowl chances, as seen in 2005.  We only play the Vikings when we are in a crunch, and there is no reason to play them more often than that.

Get a clue, dumbfuck.