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Where are they now? Jason Fife

Jason Fife : Quarterback : 2000-2003

I'm sure you all remember, and have wanted to forget, Jason Fife. Maybe the least heralded athlete ever to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, Fife had the unfortunate duty to follow a legend. A series of high throws, interceptions, and a season that spiraled out of control led to him splitting time with Kellen Clemens by the end of '02. By his last game, the '03 Sun Bowl, Fife was seeing his only reps and wide receiver.

However, what was never under dispute was the Fife was a great athlete. And that led the Lions to pick him up as a free agent after the '04 draft. He wouldn't make it out of training camp. The Vikings picked him up and actually allocated him to NFL Europe, where he completed 10 of 17 passes as a backup QB for the Rhein Fire.

In the '06 season, he played for the Las Vegas Gladiatior of the Arena League. He was the starting quarterback, and had a decent season with 41 TDs and 13 picks for a 88.9 passer rating. However, his Wikipedia Bio sums it up best with the line "Fife also played for a time in the AFL, more specifically, the Las Vegas Gladiators in the '06 season rather unremarkably, throwing quite a few passes into the stands."

He apparently impressed somebody, however, because he is now listed on the practice squad for the New Orleans Saints. He did not appear in a game last season.