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News roundup

A few interesting tidbits floating around today.  First, in the Register-Guard, a current Eugene Em was a prep teammate of Dixon.  He offers a few comments on Dixon being drafted, though it is mostly pretty fluffy:

"I knew he was going to get drafted," Stokes said. "It was a surprise to some people, but I knew he would get picked. He's good. He's good in both sports. Whatever sport he plays, Dennis gives 100 percent because that is the kind of person he is in life."

Also in the Register-Guard is a note about former Duck A.D. Smith. I've often wondered how Smith has fared after his college days (hint to Dave to include him in his "Where are they now?" feature).  A.D. has agreed to play in at least one of the Eugene Chargers' (local International Basketball League affiliate) final home games.  He joins alumni Andre Joseph, Jay Anderson and Adam Zahn on the roster.

And, in case anyone missed it, yesterday's R-G had a lengthy piece on Malik Hairston's offseason workout regimen.  Malik has not been playing basketball since the tournament, and has no plans to play until late in the summer.  Rather, he is concentrating on retraining his muscles in an attempt to avoid injury problems in his senior season.  He is hopeful that he won't have much of a problem picking back up his basketball skills.  I hope not -- we need a big season out of Malik if we want next season to be as successful as the last one.

Last week's Daily Emerald had an interview with Adrian Stelly that discusses his career at Oregon and his plans for future.