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25 greatest Ducks

Its slow news time until football practice starts in August.  I'm working on a series of team previews for other Pac-10 teams right now, and will continue cranking out "Where are they now?" features periodically.  However, I want to start another feature:  The 25 greatest Ducks of all time.

I'm thinking about doing the 25 greatest football players now, perhaps I'll do basketball later.  But who are the 25 greatest Ducks?  I'd like the help of the readers to put this list together.  You can use any criteria you want, I just ask one thing:  Please judge players based on their college career, and not their pro career.  For example:  AJ Feeley has gone on to have a pro career, while Danny O'Neil hasn't.  However, Feeley was a backup at UO while O'Neil led the Ducks to one of their three greatest seasons ever.

So this is your thread.  Throw some names out there.  In a couple of weeks, I'll unfurl the list, starting with #25.