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NBA Draft comings and goings

Today was the last day to withdraw from the NBA draft, so it was a big day in terms shaping next season in the Pac-10.  Here is the rundown:

  • Spencer Hawes will indeed leave Washington, as he is a likely lottery pick.  Whichever team drafts him will be the latest to fall in love with a tall white stiff that has little actual talent.  Of course, it is good that he is leaving, as anything that hurts the Washington Huskies is a good thing in my book.
  • News out of USC is that Nick Young will remain in the draft.  In fact, he has been invited to the draft in NYC and is a likely top 15 pick.  Gabe Pruitt entered without an agent, and I haven't heard one way or the other on him.  With no agent, he can actually be drafted and go back to school, though many sites have him as a first round pick, which would keep him in the NBA.
  • DeVon Hardin will go back to Cal.  This is a good thing for him.  If he can prove he's healthy, he's got first round talent.  But injury issues had him heading to the D-League.  He should be a beast next year.
  • We all have known for some time that Arron Afflalo will be leaving UCLA.
  • Marcel Jones will be returning to Oregon State.  While this is irrelevant as the Beavers are in a state of perpetual suckage and will be lucky to win a conference game next year, I though I should list it.  Only Jones' mother thought he had a realistic chance of getting drafted, anyway.

The Hawes news will probably have the biggest impact on the conference next year, though it is worth keeping an eye on what happens with Pruitt.