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Erin Andrews is NOT hot

Okay, people.  I don't get it.  What's the obsession with Erin Andrews?  Because as I'm trying to watch the College World Series (and, yes, I AM rooting for the Beavers), I see too little baseball and too much Erin Andrews.  She's all over TV.  All over the blogosphere Building the Dam is all over her.  I don't really understand it, but I'm here to say what nobody else has the guts to say:

Erin Andrews is NOT hot.

Erin Andrews is not really even in the same vicinity as hot.

Is it simply that she is not my type?  I suppose that's possible.  But she is not even remotely the hottest (or even approaching it) female sports reporter.

Rachel Nichols is hot.  Melissa Stark is very good looking.  But Erin Andrews?  I just can't get past that she has a weird nose and a large head.  Am I just completely off my rocker here?  Or am I just saying what nobody else has the guts to say?

Browsing the internet for Andrews revealed these pictures which supposedly show her "hotness":

This gem makes her look like a whore
This one shows off her clown nose
This one, over at BTD, makes her just look old and really bloated

Bad pictures, sure everybody has those.  But I'm beyond convincing.  If I never see Erin Andrews again, it'll be just dandy with me.