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Yeah, once in a while, somebody sends Dave a letter.  I'll take this time to answer some of these publicly.  If you want to risk public ridicule, you can submit a letter for a future mailbag at addictedtoquack at gmail dot com.  Here goes:

First letter comes to us from Solon:

Sorry, I just can't be arsed to go through the sign up right now (long day at work, etc., etc.), but I just want you to know that you are 100% spot on regarding Erin Andrews.  

It's not that she's not attractive, but that she's whatever.  I guess she's pretty cool--and she knows about sports, which is also cool--but that's about it.  

One time I went to Mardi Gras, and stayed at a house with two women who went to Tulane.  As it turns out, they invited a shitload of people to stay with them, and a bunch of them showed up--I mean, it was ridiculous, there was hardly any floor space, and the first night there me and my friends all slept on the tile floor in the kitchen--and, of course, it was running about 90% dudes.  

Anyway, the two hostesses?  Turns out, my friend was nailing one of them, so she was off the table.  The other one was totally ordinary, but everyone lusted after her all weekend, and we were all talking about how we all wanted to nail the shit out of her--until we left that environment, at which point it was patently obvious to all of us that she was totally average.  

Bottom line--that's Erin Andrews.  The obsessives in the CFB blogosphere stare at these 20-something men all day every Saturday during the fall, generally see the likes of Holly Rowe, et al., and so when Erin Andrews comes along, they all go nuts.  But there's really not too much to get excited about.

That pretty much sums up Erin Andrews in a way that I'm not funny enough to do.  But there aren't a lot of women in the world of sports journalism.  And that scarcity makes certain women more attractive than they really are.  Because among the sausage fest that is sports, the Rachel Nichols' and Jill Arrington's are like the hot chicks at the party that you have no chance with.  Because you are too lame, and possibly too drunk to leave the party, the other chicks start becoming a lot more attractive.  Then one morning you wake up, roll over, and realize that you just spent your evening fucking the brains out of Michelle Tafoya.  You would've been better off just leaving the party.  If leave the sausage party and gauge all the other women out there, you find that Erin Andrews is much more average than you previously thought.

The next one comes to us from Mike:

What's up with you Duck football fans. You've had about two good seasons ever, and y'all act like you're the next Michigan. Win a few more Rose Bowls, then start talking. You are the most overrated program out there.

Actually, Notre Dame is the most overrated program out there.  But, yeah, we get a lot more publicity than we probably deserve.  We are a good program-consistently good and will compete for BCS bowls every few year.  Kind of like a Wisconsin or a Virginia Tech.  We're not upper echelon like Ohio State or USC, but we're in the top of that second tier of programs. The fact that we get so much press is a credit to our marketing department, which, lets face it is top notch.  Are we overrated?  Probably a bit.  But this is a consistently good program.  I'm planning a more detailed post about this closer to football season.

Thanks for the letters and keep them coming.