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More Baseball

Well, as commented by a poster in the previous story, Dennis Dixon was selected in the fifth round of the MLB draft yesterday by Atlanta.  And, according to the AP, the plan is for him to play baseball this summer before returning to Oregon in the fall.

Dixon was selected in the 20th round by the Cincinatti Reds after his senior year of high school (2003).  

Seems like coming to Oregon and playing football helped his draft stock.  

Go Ducks!

Update [2007-6-8 12:1:24 by ntrebon]:: Here's an interesting note from today's Register-Guard about it:

Under new rules of baseball, the Braves have only until Aug. 15 to sign Dixon or they lose their rights. He could sign a professional contract for baseball and still be eligible for college football whether he played professionally this summer or not, though Oregon couldn't keep him on scholarship if he was a professional in another sport.