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Basketball Lands Two MAJOR Commitments

As Cody31 pointed out in his diary, and reader Kyle emailed to me, the Ducks have landed two stud basketball recruits. top 100 recruits Michael Dunigan and Matthew Humphrey have committed to Oregon.  Dunigan, 6'9" is the fourth rated center prospect in the country.  That's righ--Kent recruited a center.  Humphrey, a shooting guard, is the #82 prospect in the country.  Both are out of Chicago, but chose Oregon because Oregon showed interest early.

This year, we have Kamyron Brown and Drew Viney coming in.  In '08, we'll have these two along with Drew Wiley and Ben Voogd.  Tajuan Porter, Frantz Dorsainvil, and Joevan Catron will still be here.  I'm becoming a lot less nervous about losing Maarty, Bryce, and Malik.

I cannot overstate how huge this is!