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News and Notes

Just some quick links for tonight, as I've been coaching my high school team at the UO summer tournament all weekend:

  • As I'm sure you well know by now, MVP was drafted 26th in the NBA draft by the Houston Rockets. Here's a bit from The Houston Chronicle about Brooks being scouted by Rick Adelman last season.  Adelman, much more of a uptempo coach than previous Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy, sees MVP as a guy who can speed up the slow Rockets offense.  Most Oregonians already know this:  Adelman's a smart man.
  • Looks like Tajuan Porter gets to do what he didn't last summer.  Tajuan made the USA basketball U-19 team, and will travel to Serbia to represent the US in the FIBA World Championships.  Hopefully, he doesn't lose his motivation to shove it down Lorenzo Romar's throat.
  • More on baseball from the Register Guard.  Looks like we'll have an answer within three months whether Kilkenny's going to give a serious run at this.
  • Dennis Dixon is off to a bit of a rough start in his first week with the Braves of the GCL.  In five games he's batting 2-16 for a .105 average with two RBI.  One would expect that it would take some time to adjust, and, to be fair, the team is 2-9 and nobody else is really doing any better.  Dennis has taken over as the everyday right fielder and is scheduled to be moved up to Danville of the Appalacian League in a week or two.
  • At the UO tournament I was coaching at, we had a chance to watch some Duck pickup games, which gave me a first chance to catch a look at two of the newest Ducks, Frantz Dorsainvil and Ben Voogd.  Frantz is MASSIVE, and dwarfed Ray Schafer.  Its hard to tell from a pickup game, but he looks like he can be a much needed enforcer defenively.  His offensive game looks a bit rough.  I was surprised by Voogd's quickness and shooting ability.  Hopefully, his game is better than his stats indicate.