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Dixon comes home early, baseball season over

According to The Oregonian, Dixon has come to Eugene almost a week earlier than scheduled, ending his first baseball season early.  Its good that he's home early and can start working with his teammates.

This piece comes out the day after Pac-10 media day.  The biggest problem is I have is that coaches came out in droves ripping Dixon for his decision to play baseball.  Everyone from Bill Doba to Mike Stoops lashed out at Dixon for playign baseball.  It just goes to show that many of these coaches really have their own interests at heart over the interest of the player.  I already made it clear that I thought Dixon was doing the right thing for his future.

Interesting thing about Media day, coaches predictions came out.  USC was picked first, OSU fifth, and Oregon sixth.  Good.  We do so much better as the underdog.

As for Dixon's baseball season, he batted .188 with 5 stolen bases, but his 14 walks gave him a very good on base percentage of .342.  You'd rather see the OBP than the batting average at rookie ball, so Dixon did pretty well.  He'll be back with the Braves next season.