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Questions about Voogd's scholarship answered

When we wrote about Ben Voogd transferring to Oregon, we noted that several questions were unanswered regarding Voogd's scholarship.  Chief among those were whether this meant that for sure Champ Oguchi wasn't coming back.  And article in the Register-Guard has answered those questions.

Voogd will not be on scholarship for next year, his transfer season, meaning his two year scholarship will begin in '08-'09.  This means that Oregon only has filled 12 of its 13 scholarships for next year, leaving Champ's scholarship open.  Champ has been in no hurry to choose a new school, Kent says the door is still open for him, he still works out with the team, and teammates are pressuring him to come back.  At this point, you have to think chances are better than 50-50 that he will be back.

Oregon has six scholarships to fill for '08-'09, as Leunen, Malik, Bryce, Platt, Schafer, and Oguchi's open scholarship all to fill.  So far, two of those have been filled:  one by Voogd, and one by Drew Wiley, who is transferring from 1A McKenzie High to 5A Thurston High for his senior season.