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So You Googled Erin Andrews and Ended Up Here

I meant to get my Washington State preview up today, but real life got in the way. So, I leave you with this:

Apparently, 20% of my site views come from people Googling Erin Andrews. We've been over this before. Twice. Yet, of all the women in the world, everybody is fixated on the mediocre Erin Andrews.

There are plenty of hot women out there. You could Google Scarlett Johanssen, Jessica Alba, or Megan Fox. If you're into reporters, you could go for Rachel Nichols or Melissa Stark. But, no, Erin Andrews?

Again, its not that she's really ugly or anything like that. Its that she's so painstakingly average, yet, for some strange reason, EVERYBODY wants a piece of her.

Apparently, my warnings have gone unheeded. Therefore, I'm going to have to punish you.

Here's your Erin Andrews picture that you were so desperately seeking:

I'm only doing this because I care. Get over your irrational obsession already. Besides, what would your boss think if he knew you were Googling girly pics at work?