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Friday Linkdump

  • First, from the Register-Guard, it looks like true freshman Daniel Padilla has a leg up on Matt Evensen for the kicking job.  Padilla was coached by former UO kicker Nathan Villegas in high school.
  • According to Bob Rickert's OregonLive Blog, Chamberlain Oguchi for sure will not be returning.  No word on where he is going, but we wish Champ the best of luck.
  • Defensive end Jon Rabe has committed to the Ducks.  We beat out a whole slew of schools for him, including ASU, UW, and Boise State.
  • Bryce Taylor sits down with SI to answer questions about his hair.
  • Brad pointed out this link regarding college football's rule changes in the diaries. Biggest change is that the terrible clock rules from last year are being discarded.