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Stealing a coach?

The reinstatement of Oregon's baseball has already garnered the ill will of several Beaver fans, who insist that baseball at Oregon is the result of "Beaver Envy."  I haven't denied that charge, and contend that rather than being upset, the Beavers should actually be flattered by the gesture.

That being said, there is a line that you don't really want to cross.  And Oregon may have crossed that.  According to Brian Meehan at the Oregonian, AD Pat Kilkenny contacted Beaver coach Pat Casey about becoming the head man at Oregon.  

We all know that Kilkenny wants to make a splash and hire a big name.  And I'm all for that.  But you don't try to steal head coaches from other teams in your conference, ESPECIALLY ONES IN YOUR STATE.  Its bad business, and its bad etiquette.  you know that Oregon and Oregon State support each other when it comes to issues within the conference, and to try and endanger the good working relationship that the two schools have with a move such as this is borderline insane.

Besides, what's the upside for Casey that would make Kilkenny believe that he would even consider it?  It not as if Oregon is going to be a national power at any point within the next decade.  Does anyone really think that Casey would waste the prime years of his coaching career keeping afloat a fledgling program when he is currently coaching the twice defending national champions?

Things don't work quite the same way as they do in the business world.  You can't just throw a huge wad of cash at the employee at the other firm down the street and expect them to jump ship.  You've done some good things here, Mr. Kilkenny, but, to be frank, this move was boneheaded.

On other notes, this article talks about UC-Irvine coach Dave Serrano's interest.  I think that would be a fantastic choice, as Serrano had Irvine in the College World Series within six years of their program's reinstatement.



Update [2007-8-14 0:0:3 by Dave]:Kilkenny denies that he ever contacted Casey with such an offer. Is Kilkenny doing some damage control, or does Meehan have bad sources?
Update [2007-8-14 by ntrebon]:Here's the denial in the Oregonian. Frohnmayer explicitly states that they decided Casey was "out of bounds" months ago.