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ATQ Countdown: 16 Days Until Football

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Finally, some good news on the injury front.  Matt Harper's MRI showed only a bone bruise.  The swelling went down pretty quickly, and it seems that he should be okay for the Houston game.  If he can't go, Jairus Byrd would get the start.

Jonathan Stewart didn't practice Wednesday, but Bellotti says that he isn't concerned and is just being cautious.  Jeremy Gibbs might practice for the first time all fall tomorrow.

Ryan Keeling is going to have surgery on his hand tomorrow, but should be back in a week.

The Ducks are going to have a scrimmage at the Nike campus in Beaverton on Saturday. for some reason it is closed to the public, even reporters, and there will be security personnel there to escort people away.  Only big donors and Nike employees with regular business will be allowed, so if you know any of those people, ask them for a report.

In baseball notes, its looking more and more like the reports that Oregon tried to lure Pat Casey from OSU were false.  If this is indeed the case, I apologize to Pat Kilkenny for my comments regarding this matter and encourage the Oregonian's Brian Meehan to check his sources more carefully next time.  However, it looks like Vanderbilt's Tim Corbin could be interested in the wad of cash that Oregon would likely throw at him.  He had Vandy ranked #1 most of the year.  He's a darn good coach and would be a steal for the Ducks.



[Edited by ntrebon] According to the Oregonian, both Corbin and Dave Brundage (former OSU star and current Atlanta AAA manager) have removed themselves from consideration. The new top choice appears to be UC-Irvine's Dave Serrano.