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Stewart & Johnson

I want to apologize.  Real life events beyond my control have left me stranded in Eugene unable to blog.  However, I wanted to open up a thread for discussion about an issue that I, and many other Duck fans are curious about.

One of the main criticisms of the offense last year was the use of the running backs.  Given that we have arguably the best running back tandem in the country, many feel that we should be using them both more and much more efficiently than we do.

Bellotti has vowed to use them more this  year, but we are still in the spread, which isn't has conducive to the running game.

That being said, what are your expectations for Jonathan and Jeremiah?  Do you think that they can approach the production of Maurice and Onterrio in 2001?  And do  you think Bellotti will make good on his promise?

Discuss in the thread below.