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ATQ Countdown: 10 days until football


We have a lot of stuff to get before the season starts.  I've created a schedule to make sure that we get it all in:

Thursday:  UCLA and Cal previews
Friday:  ASU and USC previews
Saturday:  Duck Preview--Running Backs, Receivers, Offensive Line
Sunday:  Duck Preview--D-Line, Linebackers, Secondary, Special Teams

On Monday, we get to start looking at Houston (wooooooooooo!), and on Tuesday we'll have the first picks for the jersey contest.

If I deviate from "the schedule", please ensure that I am soundly booed.

Okay, here are you links:

A group of whiny professors are complaing about "the donation," because its not "for academic puproses."  Fortunately, the author puts them in their place.  Phil can donate his money to whatever he wants.  And don't talk to him about academics--he has donated more to Oregon's academics than anyone else ever has.

SC reciever Jamele Holland wants to transfer to Oregon--if Pete Carroll will let him.

Village idiot John Canzano is afraid that Oregon will think too big--and try to build a 17,000 seat arena that will usually be half empty.  I, too, would be pissed if that happened.  But every indication is that 12,000 will be the magic number.

Sammie Stoughter has also been spotted at Beaver practice.  He is grieving the loss of several loved ones, and we wish him the very best.  There is no indication of when he might return but, obviously, him taking care of himself if more important than football.

I also pose this question for today's discussion: what elements do you want to see incorporated in the new arena? Here is my list:

No greater than 13,000 seats
A steep pitch to emulate Mac Court
The student section remains at courtside
An actual video replay screen!
More than one bathroom
That the Ducks continue to play one game at The Pit every season
A couple more Pac-10 championship banners (and a national championship banner would be nice)