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Men's Basketball Schedule Released

The mens basketball schedule for 2007-08 was released today.  It is as follows:

11/02 St. Martin's (exhibition)
11/06 Concordia (exhibition)
11/10 Pepperdine
11/11 Pacific
11/12 Western Michigan
11/17 at Portland
11/20 at St. Mary's
11/24 San Francisco
11/29 at Kansas State
12/08 Utah (Pape Jam, Portland)
12/11 Sacramento State
12/15 at Nebraska
12/22 at Oakland (Malik and Tajuan's homecoming)
12/28 Mount Saint Mary's

This non conference schedule is followed by the conference schedule where, of course, we will play every team home-and-home.

There are no names that jump out at you like Georgetown last year, but, overall, its a better schedule.  The Kansas State game on the road will be excellent, they should be good this year.  There are an awful lot of road games.  Nebraska (return for last year's Pape Jame), Oakland (Detroit homecoming), and Portland (we play at Chiles every other year), were expected, and the K-State game is part of the new Pac-10 Big 12 challenge.  Not sure why we're playing St. Mary's on the road, but I don't have a problem with going somewhere small from time to time.

Update [2007-8-23 14:50:43 by Dave]: According to the Register-Guard, We are playing at St. Mary's because the school wants to honor the 1997 WCC championship team that Kent coached. Classy of Kent to schedule a game there and be a part of the festivities.

As for the home slate, Utah is a good game for Pape Jam.  Pepperdine and Pacific are decent mid-major schools, and the rest are cupcakes.  I am a little disappointed that we don't play Portland State this year.  I always like playing the other in state schools.

Its not a bad schedule, but I'd like us to play more marquee names from time to time.  Maybe when we get that new arena...