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The End of The Pit?

Extremely sad news out of the Register-Guard on Friday, as administration says that Mac Court will most likely be demolished when the new arena goes up.  I wanted to believe that The Pit would stay after the new arena, maybe even that the Ducks would want to play a game there from time to time.  Even now, I want to save it.  Its owned by the students, not the athletic department.  Can't they do something?  Its one of the most historic building in all of college sports.

But I know that I also have to look at this with my rational mind.  When the new arena gets here, there will be no use for Mac Court.  It would sit there, empty, and that would be just as sad as it not being there at all.  And the truth is that such a large piece of land in the middle of campus would be better served with new classroom or dormitory space, as opposed to housing an empty falling apart building just so I can get a sense of nostalgia when I walk by.

I already get emotional thinking about it.  I love Mac Court, and have never seen an atmosphere like it anywhere else.  I am sad that my children won't remember games there.  I am sad that my window to be there is limited.  But I am so glad that I have experienced being part of the home crowd there.

I am excited for the new arena.  I am excited about what it will do for Oregon basketball.  But with every good, there is a bit of bad, and this is it.  Make sure you enjoy The Pit while we still have it.  And consider yourself lucky to have been a part.