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ATQ Countdown: 7 Days Until Football


But its looking like the Houston game isn't on TV, unless you have GamePlan.  Can you say sports bar?

Sorry for missing a day.  Here are your links:

  • Fall sports season is officially underway, as the volleyball team opened with a three game sweep of Idaho State, 30-7, 30-19, and 30-16.  They play Cal-State Bakersfield and Kansas on Saturday.
  • Friday's scrimmage was dominated by the offense, racking up six touchdowns.  To be fair, most of the starting defense was on the sidelines.
  • If you haven't seen it yet, check out Oregon's new medical center.  I worked at the Cas Center during college, and the old one wasn't bad.  But the new one is

Happy Saturday to you.  Next time it rolls around, there will be hours of glorious football to watch.