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ATQ Countdown: 5 Days Until Football


If you're not a scroller, two stories down is my first look at the Houston Cougars.

I went off the "schedule" this weekend, and was not soundly booed.  Thanks for that.

Here are some links to ponder:

 Fall camp is officially over, and the one starting job that remains open is that of placekicker.  Matt Evenson will handle kickoffs, but does not look to be a factor on field goals, which will come down to freshman Daniel Padilla and Morgan Flint.  Most of the media feel that Padilla will end up with the job.

 Volleyball went 3-0 this weekend, sweeping all three contests.  What's that?  You don't care, either?

 With fall camp officially over, and most starting jobs claimed, Rob Moseley has posted an unofficial depth chart for the first game.  Check out Moseley's blog for the chart, but a two things that have caught my eye:

  • Four years ago, who would have thought that Cameron Colvin would not be a starter going into his senior year.  The guy is just oozing with talent, and it is so sad that he has never put it all together.
  • Even with all the defections, I look at the depth chart for the defensive line and can't help but feel a whole lot better than last year.  I mean, they can't all get hurt, right?

I'll be e-mailing the jersey contest participants tonight, and we'll have the first five games to pick up this evening as well.  Should be fun.