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ATQ Countdown: Four Days Until Football


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"Our deal is that we have good people around the quarterback position on offense, and we feel really good about our special teams and our defense," Briles said. "It's not a situation where it (the quarterback) is going to determine how we perform on Saturday. We're going to play well, regardless of who's in there.

Coach Briles is saying all the right things, but a quarterback with no experience coming into Autzen, and probably not even knowing he's starting until game time has to bode well for Oregon.

  • Lots of players returning to practice this week, including Jonathan Stewart, Garren Strong, Cam Colvin, and Cole Linehan.  No time to get healthy like game week!
  • USC starting tailback Chauncey Washington will miss Saturday's opener.  Its against Idaho, so I'm thinking that SC still pulls it out.