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ATQ Countdown: Two Days Until Football


If you haven't yet submitted your picks for the jersey contest, do so here.

Today's news:

  •  Reserved seats are still availiable for the Houston game, which I find somewhat shocking.  So if you haven't bought a ticket already, pick one up and go.  Unfortunately, I can't make it to Eugene this weekend, though I hope to be there for the Fresno game.
  • A few transfer notes.  Jameel Dowling will redshirt at Hawaii this year, and Victor Filipe has transferred to Western Oregon, where he can play immediately (as he transferred down a division).  Meanwhile, Jamelle Holland is appealing to the SC administration for a release to Oregon.  The Ducks have also added a quarterback to the roster as former BYU quarterback Cade Cooper will redshirt this season.
  • New BlogPoll is out. Not a whole lot of change, which is good, considering no real games have been played yet.
So Giansante gave his spiel, ending it by placing in front of Kilkenny a page of this newspaper, with a photograph of three baseball players, stars at Sheldon High School. All Eugene kids. All committed to going to Oregon State. "I said, `This is never happening again,' " Giansante recalled.