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Football in China?

According to the Register-Guard, the Ducks are looking to move their 2009 opener at Boise State to China.  The Ducks would like to move the game to either Beijing or Shanghai, and Boise would demand the Ducks make up for it by scheduling another game in Boise in the future.  It would be the first college football game played in China.

Here is my question:  what is the point?  According to AD Pat Kilkenny, ""It's Oregon: it's innovative, it's creative, it's great exposure,"  Great exposure for what, exactly?  People in China couldn't care less about football, and its not as if one game in China is going to turn all the Chinese into Duck fans and all of a sudden Duck merchandise will proliferate throughout China.

I was talking to a friend about this yesterday, and he said "but the NBA is becoming big in China."  True, but the game of basketball has already been relevant in China, and at least one of the major stars in the NBA is Chinese.  The U of O does not have that luxury.  What it might do is ensure that there is more coverage of that game on SportsCenter, but does that really justify both the monetary expense, and the expense on the team of traveling halfway around the world to play a football game?

Its not necessairly that I'm against a game in China, as much as I just don't see the point.  I don't see any benefit to playing a game overseas.

I'd be curious to know what readers think about this idea, and if you see any benefits from it.