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ATQ Jersey Contest: Week 2 Scoreboard

Interesting week in the jersey contest.  Two perfect scores this week belonging to absolutduck and engeljd.  Winners were:  LSU, South Carolina, Texas, UCLA, and, of course, Oregon.  Very few people picked South Carolina.  And, interestingly enough, as it got later and later in the week, more and more people started picking Michigan.  I guess you Michigan pickers would rather have an Oregon win anyway, right?  Also, I didn't come and get walloped by my guest blogger this week, as Maize n' Brew Dave and I both had three correct picks each.  However, after last week's performance, I'm just hoping to keep out of the basement.

No worries for anyone yet.  There's still a lot of time, and everybody's still in this thing.  We'll have the games for next week up on Tuesday.  In the meantime, click on "read more" for the scoreboard:

absolutduck        9

ducksrfast        9

engeljd            9

jafoduck        9

mrwonderfull        9

wustl duck        9


albanyduck        8

bradLL99        8

dougall5505        8


Jshufelt        8

jteubs            8

KDNMyDreams    8

Nick        8

Eli Cash        7

Jamshot        7

Jtlight            7

Nate            7

quackMCquacksalot    7

saregister        7

shenanigans        7

socalduck        7

thejamootz        7

theshwags        7

webfoots        7

Ducks Fan in NY    6

homersolo        6

jhammond10        6

ParaDuck        6

SnoConeGod        6

thorson        6

Dave        5

flak            5

GangGreenCA        5

OklaDuck        5

Deuelio        4

earl            4

baal            3

cmcooper        3

DoubleFour        2