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ATQ Jersey Contest: Week Three Games

Here is your superb array of week three games to pick for the jersey contest:

We'll start off with a couple of fantastic SEC matchups:

Tennessee Volunteers at Florida Gators

Arkansas Razorbacks at Alabama Crimson Tide

Move on to the best ACC matchup all year:

Boston College Eagles at Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

I like to include the national game of the week:

USC Trojans at Nebraska Cornhuskers

And, finally, the "who sucks worse?" game that's going to be all over national TV:

Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Michigan Wolverines

Decided not to do the Duck game this week.  Not because I think Fresno isn't a threat, but because I think that most of you would pick the Ducks.

Happy picking.  Remember, your picks are due at 11:59 Friday.