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Weekly Ducks in the NFL Update

It will be a weekly routine here at ATQ to check up on how our Duck alumi are doing in the NFL.

Joey:  Joey was 23/32 for 199 yards, but also had two interceptions against the Vikings.  This is Joey's last chance, and he's not off to a good start.  Yes, the offensive line is terrible, but at some point, we can't keep making excuses for him.  Hopefully, he turns it around.

Kellen:  Kellen mopped up for an injured Chad Pennington, and was 5/10 for 35 yards.  NY fans appear to want Kellen to start, and its possible that he could be the starter by the end of the season.

Maurice:  Morris had five yards on three rushes, but, more importantly, caught a 34 yard touchdown pass with eight minutes to go to seal the game for the Seahawks.

Bidwell:  Josh had six punts for a 48.8 yard average in the Buccaneers loss to the Seahawks.

Igor:  Igor, a starting d-lineman for the Chargers, had three tackles for the Chargers against the Bears.

Haloti:  Had two tackles in the Ravens Monday night loss to the Bengals.

Demetrius:  Three catches for 55 yards on Monday night.

Wrighster:  George had one catch for three yards in Jacksonville's loss to the Titans.

Samie:  Four catches for 48 yards in the Chiefs loss to the Texans.

Peelle:  Justin had two catches for 12 yards and a touchdown in Miami's loss to the Redskins.

Reuben:  One carry for five yards in the Giants' Sunday night loss to Dallas.

Adam Snyder, Dante Rosario and Keith Lewis played, but did not record any stats.  AJ Feeley did not get into the game for Philadelphia.  Day, Kent, Lucas, Toeaina, and Trucks are all on their respective teams' practice squads.