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ATQ Jersey Contest: Week 3 Blogger Picks

Here it is, our week three picks.  I'm hoping for a decent week for a change.  James Graben of the Fresno Daily Collegian has been kind enough to join us.

#23 Tennessee* at #4 Florida*

James Graben:  The Volunteers rebounded well last week after that disappointing loss to Cal. With Erik Ainge at the helm and the Bulldogs down after that loss to South Carolina I see Tennessee picking up some ground in the SEC. (Note:  James was obviously confused and thought that Tennessee was playing Georgia.  We'll give him his Tennessee pick)

PICK:  Tennessee

Nick:  There are plenty of reasons why I will root for Tennessee in this game.  First, it will help out the Pac-10 in the computer rankings and boost the conference in the minds of the media and poll voters.  Second, after attending the NCAA regionals last year to watch the Ducks, the Florida chant is really annoying.  Finally, they have a senior QB from Oregon matching up against the sophomore Tebow.  But, the Vols have not looked very impressive thus far and Florida is at home.  Looks like a Gator win, to me.

PICK:  Florida

Dave:  Defending national champions with a ton of talent and an offensive genius at the helm against a team that showed against Cal that it doesn't have much of a defense?  As much as I want Tennessee to win this game and make our conference look better, I've got to go with the Gators.

PICK:  Florida

#18 Arkansas* at Alabama

James Graben:  Nick Saban may be the new hot thing in Tuscaloosa, but I got news for you, Darren McFadden is the hottest thing in the nation. With their Heisman hopeful leading the way I see the Razorbacks trouncing the Crimson Tide.

PICK:  Arkansas

Nick:  I don't have much on this game.  I am not a big Saban fan -- I have no problem rooting for McFadden and the Razorbacks in this game, despite playing in Tuscaloosa.  

PICK:  Arkansas

Dave:  The best running back in the nation against a suspect run defense?  Give me the running back.

PICK:  Arkansas

#19 Boston College* at #15 Georgia Tech*

James Graben:  This could be a preview of the ACC Championship. I give the edge to quarterback Matt Ryan and the Eagles. I don't think the Yellow Jackets have been tested yet.

PICK:  Boston College

Nick:  It appears that Tech has had a pretty easy schedule (which includes a rout of Notre Dame) and BC has had a knack for forcing turnovers this season.  I'm going with the slight upset here, and picking BC.

Pick:  Boston College

Dave:  One of these teams will reperesent the ACC in the BCS.  Both have looked good this year.  But I have to give the edge to the home team.

Pick:  Georgia Tech

#3 USC* at #16 Nebraska*

James Graben:  John David Booty will need to show what he is really made of this Saturday in Lincoln. The Big Red will be itching to dethrone the No. 1 team in the nation, but I think the Trojan offense will be too much to handle.


Nick:  I gotta go with the Trojans in this one.  I look for them to make their first statement game of the season.  After a humdrum win in Week 1 (38-10 over Idaho), they lost a few first place votes in the national polls.  You know that Carroll noticed.


Dave:  Stupid question.  Next.


Notre Dame at Michigan

James Graben:  The Wolverines have been humiliated, but I see them regaining their footing this weekend. The Irish have not even scored an offensive touchdown this season. Mike Hart will run for over 100 and score a TD for the Wolverines.

PICK:  Michigan

Nick:  This is by far the most fun to pick.  And, what could be better than the Irish starting 0-3?  I have no problem with Michigan starting to turn around their season in game 3. Go Blue!

PICK:  Michigan

Dave:  Michigan's defensive weaknesses will be slowed by the fact that ND has the worst offense in the nation.  This team rides Mike Hart to victory, although ND will finally get its first offensive touchdown.

PICK:  Michigan

*I use the BlogPoll rankings on my blog.