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Monday Morning Oatmeal

  •  I want to start out with an interesting quote from HuskieHunter in the O-Live forum:
if I had no school affiliation at all, and saw all the nation's teams week to week, Oregon would have, in terms of pure entertainment quality, one of the most, if not the most valuable football ticket in the United States. I lived in Memphis for a time where football looked like a slug migration and sat through the "grind it out" years of the upper Big 10 (which is still somewhat present). After that, watching a typical Duck game is like watching the Battle of Britian on speed.
And, it's almost always been that way, even in the bad years. Fellow Duck fans, I believe we're getting more for our money than just about everyone else.

You'd have to think that one would rather watch the Ducks than Wisconsin any day.  Whatever the Ducks have been, they've always been exciting.
  •  Another article in the Emerald today about the divide between the athletic and academic departments.  The academics are right about one thing:  academics need to be supported better at UO.  However, what they seem to fail to understand is that their beef is with the state legislature and not with the athletic department.  The athletic department is self sufficient--one of the few in the country.  So I'm tired of hearing the same few faculty bitch about the athletic department.  I want excellence in all programs at UO.  I wish that the facutly would concentrate on making their own department great instead of continuing to beat a dead horse.
  •  The guys from Gameday have the Ducks ranked in their top ten.  As long as both teams take care of business this week, could we see Gameday in Eugene for the Cal game?  UO is 13th in both the AP and coaches polls.
  •  In case you missed it, Dick Vitale has Oregon ranked #10 in his preseason basketball rankings.  Definitely looking forward to basketball season.
  •  Oregon soccer fell to 4-2 with a loss at Utah Saturday.  Dylann Tharp, one of the best players, suffered a fractured ankle, so hopefully they can adjust without her.

Now, for some daily YouTubing: