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NFL Ducks: Week 2 Update

Joey:  12/20 for 200 yards and no touchdowns in the Falcons loss to the Jaguars.  Atlanta signed Byron Leftwich, indicating that they are not happy with Mr. Harrington.

Kellen:  19/37 with one TD and two ints in his first career start vs. a tough Baltimore defense.  Even though he lost, many Jets fans were happy with his performance.

Demetrius:  One catch for 13 yards.

Haloti:  Three tackles vs. the Jets.

Samie:  Three catches for 20 yards in the Chiefs' loss to the Bears.

Igor:  Four tackles, but the Chargers were crushed by the Pats.

Lewis:  Keith had one tackle in the 49ers' win vs. the Rams.

Wrighster:  One catch for 18 yards.

Bidwell:  Five punts for 190 yards in the Bucs' win over the Saints.

Adam Snyder, Dante Rosario, Reuben Droughns and Justin Peelle played for their respective teams, but did not record any stats.  AJ Feeley didn't get in for the Eagles, and Maurice Morris sat out due to injury.