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Morning Oatmeal: Late Edition

  •  The Register-Guard, obviously wanting to make me cry, takes a look back at the '01 Stanford game.  They also mention in this article that Bellotti has asked the officials to pick up the pace as far as getting ready for play. He is not happy about the silly penalties that we got last week for snapping the ball before the officials were ready.
  •  The San Jose Mercury News takes a look at the myriad of injuries that Stanford has suffered this season.
  •  Josh Crittle, a 6'8" power forward and AAU teammate of Oregon recruits Michael Dunigan and Matthew Humphrey, will be in Eugene for his official visit next weekend.  His last visit was to Kansas State, and he was really impressed with how crazy the fans were.  If that's the case, he'll be blown away by Autzen when he shows up for the Cal game.
  •  The Stanford Daily previews Saturday's game.  The writer needs to check his facts, as he still lists Crowton as the OC.
  •  Remember, this is the place to be for the Stanford game on Saturday night (7:00 PT).  There is no TV.

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