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ATQ Interviews a Real Live Beaver Fan

I want to present a very special guest today.  I wanted to get inside the psyche of a rival.  I had to search long and hard to find one, but I was able to find a real live Beaver fan.  Beaver fan agreed to be interviewed for the blog.  We thank him very much for his time.  Here is the conversation that transpired:

ATQ:  Beaver fan, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today
BF:  My pleasure.  Its nice to be recognized.
ATQ:  So why don't you start off by telling us a bit about last week's game?
BF:  Well, you have to be pleased.  I mean, we were really worried about that Idaho State game.  Its really important to get that big non-conference victory to set the tone for league season.  Idaho State finished seventh in the Big Sky last year--and the Big Sky is a REALLY good conference, so we were just happy to escape that with a W.  We already have Portland State on the schedule for next season.  That game has land mine written all over it.
ATQ:  Sounds like a barnburner.  How about attendance.  Attendance for that Idaho State game was fairly low.  Why has OS had trouble drawing fans in spite of the Reser expansion.
BF:  Chad Johnson is a Beaver!  Oregon has nobody in the NFL as good as Chad Johnson.
ATQ:  I don't see what that has to do with anything, but answer this for me.  Exactly how many credits did Chad Johnson earn at OS?
BF:  ::stares blankly::
ATQ:  How often did Chad attend school?
BF:  Chad Johnson is a badass.  He's soooo much better than loser Harrington.
ATQ:  I see.  We'll just move on.  How about the Cincinnati game?
ATQ:  I'm sorry, what does BYU have to do with this?
BF:  30-28.  Scoreboard!
ATQ:  Obviously the Cincinnati game is a sore point.  Lets move forward.
BF:  Hang on, I have to check up on my sheep.
ATQ:  Pardon?
BF:  I have to run out to my truck for a second.  Hang on.
ATQ:  ::confused:: Okay?
two minutes later
BF:  ::zipping up pants::
ATQ:  Yeah, um, what are your hopes for Pac-10?
BF:  You know that the `ucks are going to freefall.  Duck fans always talk big, then the season implodes.  Its only a matter of time, Duckies!
ATQ:  Actually, I was wondering about the Beav-
BF:  30-28.  Scoreboard, baby!
ATQ:  I can see where any football talk is going.  Lets talk basketball.
BF:  What?
ATQ:  Basketball.
BF:  What is this basketball?
ATQ:  You know, orange ball, hoops, the Beavers have a team.
BF:  We do?
ATQ:  Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
BF:  Interesting, I've never noticed.
ATQ:  That's okay, I can see how that would happen.  Not many people around the country have noticed Beaver basketball lately.
BF:  Baseball!
ATQ:  Excuse me?
BF:  We're a baseball school!
ATQ:  Great, I'd love to talk baseball.  You know the Ducks are getting a team.
BF:  What?
ATQ:  Seriously. We've got a coach and everything.
BF:  ::tears stream down face::
BF:  It was nice while it lasted.  Uncle Phil gives you guys all the nice things.  Its not fair.
ATQ:  There, there.  It will be okay.  Why don't you go give your ram a hug.
BF:  Yeah, I think I'd like that.

Thanks to Beaver fan for joining us.  Next time, we'll attempt to find a Husky fan.