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Open Thread: Ducks at Stanford

#10 Oregon Ducks at Stanford Cardinal

Stanford Stadium

Palo Alto, California

7:00 PT, TV: NONE (stupid Pac-10), Radio:  KXL.

No TV today because Tom Hansen is a moron.  As we've said all week, this is your place to be.  Join me to talk about the game and the rest of the day in college football.  This one should be a slaughter.  Have no mercy.



Update [2007-9-22 21:43:3 by Dave]:: sounds like they're just streaming commercials online. If you want to pay, you can get the audio on OZone, but I'll post most of the play-by-play here. Update [2007-9-22 22:43:31 by Dave]: here's a link to the Stanford broadcast. Thanks to OklaDuck.