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Question of the Day

Reader gribbit1 posed me the following question.  I put it to you all for the question of the day:

(stats through last week's games)

Who has the best spread backfield in the nation?  Oregon?  West Virginia? Florida? Someone else?

That is, would you trade Dennis Dixon, Jonathan Stewart, and Jeremiah Johnson for Pat White, Steve Slaton, and Noel Devine or maybe Tim Tebow, Kestahn Moore, and Percy Harvin?  To make it an even playing field eligibility-wise, let's assume you only get them for this year.

Here are some year-to-date stats for comparison.  There is plenty of other stuff to take into account (like the rest of their respective teams), but this is for starters.

Passer rating:    
Dixon 182.60
White 164.95
Tebow 228.76

Passing Yards:
Dixon 565
White 436
Tebow 835

Rushing Yards:
Dixon 276 (39 carries 7.1 ypc)
Stewart 343 (46 carries 7.5 ypc)
Johnson 181 (28 carries 6.5ypc)

White 244 (38 carries 6.4 ypc)
Slaton 392 (66 carries 5.9 ypc)
Devine 256 (17 carries 15.1ypc)

Tebow 192 (43 carries 4.5 ypc)
Moore 217 (42 carries 4.5 ypc)
Harvin 156 (16 carries 9.8 ypc)

Total rushing (from the three backfield leaders, not third-stringers or backup QBs):

Oregon 802 (113 carries 7.1 ypc)
WVa 892 (121 carries 7.3 ypc)
Florida 565 (101 carries 5.6 ypc)

Total offense (again, just from the three main guys)
Oregon 1367 yards
WVa 1328 yards
Florida 1400 yards

Total team scoring average:
Oregon 46.3
WVa 47.0
Florida 55.7

Just something to have fun with.

I don't know about you, but I'll go to bat with our guys any day.  Our running backs are better than Florida's, Our quarterback is a better passer than Pat White, and Noel Devine is a thug.  Of course, there is also the emotional attachment of our guys being our guys.