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Monday morning roundup

First, it's official: Brian Paysinger is out for the year.  Even returning for a bowl game is most likely out of the picture.  We really need Colvin and Williams to keep producing.

Also in the Oregonian is a story on George Horton that details his college playing career and coaching influences.  

For those of us who are not in town, here's a description of this year's billboards.  Looks like Oregon has gone away from the more cartoonish versions of season's past.  I am fine with that.

Want to a read a recap of the Stanford game that left me pretty annoyed?  Check out Ray Ratto's entry in the San Francisco Chronicle.   Apparently, the Cardinal had "Oregon's options, and QB Dennis Dixon, sussed out schematically".  Right.  In a similar vein, Bob Rickert posts some other recaps with misleading headlines.

And, in case you hadn't heard, it's official.  Gameday will be here this weekend.