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Tuesday Morning Roundup

First, it looks like Dave was pretty busy last night, adding up four new posts.  So, if you haven't already, scroll down and give them a read.  Also, don't forget to make your Week 5 Jersey Contest picks.

Here are the official game notes.  Oregon has won 8 of the last 10 meetings with Cal, including the last 7 at Autzen.  Here's hoping that continues on Saturday afternoon.

Dave touched on this earlier and it is now offical -- the drinking zone around Autzen has been expanded.

In the Portland Tribune, Jason Vondersmith likes the Ducks in a shootout this weekend.  And, in another piece, Vondersmith calls the Oregon defense "impressive".  The only thing impressive so far with the Oregon defense has been its ability to take the ball away.  Something we will need to Saturday.

In the Oregonian, Canzano  opines on the "unofficial policy" of the Athletic Department towards Tedford.  Seems to be trying to make something out of nothing, to me.

Jon Wilner blogs about the need for DeSean Jackson to have a big game this weekend in order to revive his Heisman chances.  He also lists Dixon as the last contender of 12, writing that he most likely has too much ground to make up.

And, in Rob Moseley has a few notes up in his blog.  First, the Gameday location is down to two undisclosed locations, one of which is on campus.  Also, Jamere Holland was in class yesterday, but not yet at practice.

ESPN lists QB verbal commit Kelly Page as a "under the radar".  Page is described as a "future college playmaker" and a dual threat.  Sounds good to me.

And, for some daily youtubing, enjoy seeing Oregon students camped out Sunday night for tickets to Saturday's game:

Go Ducks!